The study of pathophysiology of brain ilness, including neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, has reached a high level of complexity, requiring coordination of basic, translational and clinical research. It is increasingly clear that pathogenesis of most, if not all, brain disorders is related to the interaction of genetic background and environmental challenges. In this context, the study of epigenetic modifications, changes in the expression of genes induced by environmental stimuli, has acquired a growing importance in recent years.

All these aspects will be covered at the school by a number of speakers that are internationally recognized as leaders in their own field. The different days of the school will focus on the following topics: (1) The role of environmental stress and its interaction with genetic background; (2) epigenetics and its role in shaping normal and pathological phenotype; (3) new basic and clinical paths in research on dementia and Alzheimer; (4) new basic and clinical paths in research on Parkinson’s disease; (5) new basic and clinical paths in research on neuropsychiatric disorders and their treatment.